Branding design is something we are very passionate about at Crooked Micks. We love creating distinct branding that speaks of innovation and professionalism, for businesses and organisations of all sizes and sectors, in Melbourne and beyond.

Branding design made simple

Demystifying the world of branding is something we excel at. As branding design specialists, we simplify the process of creating branding that is creative yet accessible, in a fun and friendly way.

While we are confident in our creative abilities, we like to use both the left and right sides of our brains, so we’re pretty strategic too. The inclusive, collaborative approach we take to our work means that your input and opinions are highly valued, after all it’s your brand and business we’re working on.

Branding that moves beyond your logo

Take a deep breath and repeat after us: ‘My brand is about much more than my logo’. Your logo is just one element of a far greater story.

Your brand is an overarching, all-encompassing entity that is used in all of your marketing and communications. Think of your brand as a person with a unique personality whose trusted voice needs to be heard at all times. Our job is to help you define, create and bring this personality to life.

Reap the benefits of killer branding

Having a standout brand will enable you to have a clear, consistent marketing voice to use in all your marketing communications, from your website to brand promotions and activations, email marketing and beyond. From this point, brand loyalty can be built, which leads to a cavalcade of cool benefits including greater customer retention, higher profits and ultimately, a successful, sustainable business built on solid foundations.