Crooked Micks loves a tipple. Actually, we love it so much that much of our time is spent work on brand and website design for bars, restaurants, cafes and alcohol companies. Cool, huh?

We’ve got a reputation

Since we create original branding design, logos and websites for everyone from small Melbourne bars to global alcohol brands, we’ve become known as hospitality industry specialists. While we don’t focus solely on this sector, we’ve done enough work in it to start getting a reputation (a good reputation of course) as creative branding, website and logo design gurus that know the hospitality space.

Stand out with original brand design

Before you start marketing your brand, you need to know your brand, and building a winning brand requires a lot more than a photoshopped logo. As branding design experts, we are accustomed to creating unique branding that will stand out and be remembered.

Whether your brand’s personality is as cheeky as a sip of tequila at lunchtime, or as deliciously mysterious as a freshly mixed Dark & Stormy, we will develop and design a definitive brand, logo and website to do your brand justice.

Size doesn’t matter

We love our work creating unique branding for the hospitality industry, so we aren’t fussed if you’re a small bar breaking into the scene or a global juggernaut. We like to mix it up by working with a variety of players in the hospitality industry, so when it comes to our clients, we don’t discriminate – size truly doesn’t matter.